Of course I am always available for commission pieces, and do them in any medium, from drawing and painting to digital art. (Note: I do not do 3d rendering of any kind)

Commissions vary in price based on complexity, detail and size, and are priced on a per piece basis.

  • Example: a character drawing, full body or bust, drawn in pencil and inked, no color, would be around $25+shipping, and prices go up from there.

I will basically take whatever idea you give me and create the artwork based on that. Being that these are 100% all original pieces, changes will not be available, so you need to be as detailed as possible when commissioning the piece.

I retain all rights to my artwork,  so that I can create prints and use artwork in art books and portfolio. If I create something for you like a family portrait, ect, I will not make prints of those items.

If you are interested in work for commercial use (logos, posters, graphics, ect.) I do those under different rates and rules. If this is more of what you are looking for, please check out my Design page.

I have no problem creating artwork of a mature or graphic nature, but anyone commissioning this kind of work will be required to verify that they are at least 18 years of age.

I will not created art that is racist, shows rape or sexual violence of any kind, or artwork that depicts any kind of abuse towards children.

All commissions are done at my at my discretion, If I don’t feel right about the piece being commissioned, I won’t do it. I reserve the right to refuse any commission that I am not okay with.

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