I work as a freelance Graphic Designer, I have many projects that I have work on professionally. If you are interested in having me design something for you, please contact me.

As a designer I do…

  • Logos
  • Web design
  • Page Layout
  • Banner Ads
  • Print Production
  • Print Ads
  • and more!

Rules for Design Work:

  • As  a designer, I work at the rate of $30/hour
  • At the beginning of a project, I will give you a quote based on how long I think it will take me to complete the project
  • You will never be charged more than the quote that you are given, if it takes less time than expected, then you will be charged less, for the actual work that is done.
  • Any work that I preform under design guidelines are owned and copyright the client that I preform work for.
  • I do not own design work, I do however retain an unlimited license on all work created, for use in my portfolio and advertising, therefore, I can not resale any design I produce for you, they are yours.
  • I will NOT create illustrations for anyone based on my design guidelines, if you are interested in having me create original art, please look at my Commissions page for those specifics guidelines.

Are you on a budget, but need quality design work done? Feel free to contact me, I am more than willing to work with anyone within their budget.

Here are some examples of work that I have done professionally or for fun.

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