Inktober 2017

Its October, and that means its Inktober time! The most productive time I have all year.

So this year I’m using Inktober to as a character study, and at the end of the month I’m going to redraw all the characters for my next book.

So this years theme is The Paranormal Alphabet!

  1. A is for Alkonost
  2. B is for Bigfoot
  3. C is for Chupacabra
  4. D is for Dingonek
  5. E is for Ekek
  6. F is for Flatwoods Monster
  7. G is for Gremlin
  8. H is for Hippocampus
  9. I is for Ifrit
  10. J is for Jackalope
  11. K is for Kappa
  12. L is for Lock Ness Monster
  13. M is for Mothman
  14. N is for Nirumbee
  15. O is for Oni
  16. P is for Puckwudgie
  17. Q is for Qilin
  18. R is for Radande
  19. S is for Shedim
  20. T is for Troll
  21. U is for Ukobach
  22. V is for Vibria
  23. W is for Wendigo
  24. X is for Xhinde
  25. Y is for Yeti
  26. Z is for Zombie

So follow along and let me know what you think. I’ll be posting photos to Instagram and time lapse videos to my Youtube channel, and then re-posting them here.

Thanks, and keep checking back!

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